Dr. Mertens

Hannelore Fehse. The Swabian Alb-Architecture and Landscape, Municipal Art Gallery Albstadt 2015/2016

The exhibition was related to the special collection “The Landscape View
of the Swabian Alb” within the municipal art collection of Albstadt.

Since 20 years now the artist is positioning landscape and architecture
into the centre of her work. She is not only concerned with the part of
nature, but particularly with the forms of architecture as cultural
expression of the people of the Alb, which have become part of the
image of the landscape. The simple unemotional aesthetics are reflected
by the tectonics of Hannelore Fehse’s paintings, which have been reduced
to the essentials – constructive paintings as specific expression of a
cultural landscape.

Dr. Veronika Mertens , Director, municipal Gallery Albstadt, 2015

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