The Swabian Alb – Architecture and Landscape

I paint what I see, which is the landscape around where I live. What is it that attracts me to the traditional rural architecture of the Swabian Alb? I am fascinated by the places there, the simplicity of the buildings and their fitness-for-purpose. Everything seems to be entirely appropriate and nothing seems irrelevant. Whenever I cross the Alb or reflect on it in my studio, I am struck by the beauty and functionality of what I see. Whereas Bauhaus architecture was developed theoretically for modern life, the architecture of the Alb evolved naturally over the years to meet the requirements of the inhabitants, adding and preserving only that which was essential. Thus, a real definition of ‘the house’ emerges, shelter for existence and the relation between inside and out. Everything sits comfortably within its surroundings and the seasons. A unique secluded heritage. Worth to be looked at.
Hannelore Fehse 2016


Ensemble at Faurndau, ready for demolition
left: Photo Hannelore Fehse, 2017
right: Hannelore Fehse, Oil on Canvas, 2017, 80 x 100 cm


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